September 30, 2012

Home Offices

I'm someone who is constantly on the lookout for fabulous home design ideas for the house Lars and I will build someday. Mind you, I'll be toting around my ideas for the next decade or so, but it's never to early to look. Don't you agree? One thing that we know we both want is a functional home office. We're lucky enough to have a two bedroom place right now, and we've completely converted the extra room into an office that works for us. I went looking for office inspiration today, and I found some great ideas to stash away.

I like the brightness and natural look of this office with the window and the cork boards on the wall.

The style of this office isn't what I would normally choose; however, I really like the idea of being able to spread my work out on a table and not just work at a desk all the time.

Office spaces usually mean there are books present somewhere, so we know that it's a room I'm always going to love. This office is a great combination of both work functionality and a library. All it needs is a funky filing cabinet somewhere, and it would be perfect!

                                          Eclectic Home Office design by Charlotte Interior Designer Emily A. Clark

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