February 12, 2013

2013 Southern Living Showcase Home in Lago Vista, TX

This weekend Lars and I went along with my parents to go see the 2013 Southern Living Showcase Home in Lago Vista. It's the first Southern Living Showcase Home in Texas, and since Lago Vista is a beautiful hill country town that's only about 30 or so minutes from Austin it only made sense to go see what all the fuss was about. We definitely weren't disappointed! The picture above was taken with only my phone, and even on the cloudy day that it was the home still looks gorgeous. Before we even walked in the house I was asking Lars if we could buy it! :)  (Anyone out there have a cool $1.75M? If you do, the home can be yours!) If you live anywhere around Austin and are looking to do something this Saturday (or anytime in the next two weeks) I highly recommend taking in the beautiful drive and the gorgeous home. If you don't live anywhere near Austin check out the home's site to see non-iphone pictures of the home!

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