May 7, 2013

Pushing Motherhood

I know that each one of us are at different stages in our lives, and I'm in the stage where it seems like everyone around me is getting pregnant with their first, second, and even third child. We're in a day an age where sometimes motherhood chooses us when we least expect it, but we're also have so much more control over when we choose to have children than women did even just fifty years ago. The question that plagues me (and maybe some of you) is when is the "right" time? I know, I know. There's never a right time, but we still try to get as close to that ideal time to begin motherhood as possible. What has resulted is a nation of women who are delaying motherhood (for better or worse), and that's the idea behind the aptly titled documentary "Pushing Motherhood".

FILM SUMMARY: Pushing Motherhood is a documentary about Sybil and Linda, best friends on the road to becoming mothers later in their reproductive lives. We follow the two women as they unpack the reasons why they waited so long, and discover both the costs and benefits of deferring motherhood into what medical professionals call “advanced maternal age.”  (from Kickstarter

I personally can't wait to see the film, and I hope they're able to receive full funding to complete production. What do you think? Are you waiting or did you choose not to delay motherhood?

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