September 5, 2011


As I begin writing this blog it's Labor day, Austin is surrounded by fires, and we're experiencing a cool front - the high today is 93 degrees.  September is when fall begins, although right now cooler weather feels like a long lost dream almost forgotten.  All of the stores have put their fall inventory on the shelves, and we are still walking around in sundresses.  So in order to keep my sanity in the current heat I've been planning outfits that feel like fall but are still wearable today. Here are my favorites so far:

Casual Friday Work Wear
A Pop of Eggplant

A Fabulous Night Out
A Night Out

The hubs and I are traveling somewhere cooler in a few weeks - until then though, I plan on living in dresses, skirts, and peep toe pumps.  I'm stocking up on scarves, though, just in case it ever cools down in ATX.  Is it fall where you are?

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