September 13, 2011

Where are you fall?

I feel like I've talked too much about the weather already on this blog, but it needs repeating how ridiculous this is!  I don't know if you're aware of this, but it will officially be fall in 8 days.  FALL IN 8 DAYS.  The high in ATX today is 106 - no, I only wish I were kidding.  It is increasingly difficult to walk into stores and see such wonderful fall fashions when currently, wearing clothes hardly even seems like a viable option if you want to stay cool.  I am desperate to dress like Cameron Diaz below.

The sweater, jeans, and boots just scream of fall.  I'm actually starting to wonder if fall is even a real thing anymore...  Clearly I'm going a bit delirious from all of the heat - thankfully the hubs and I are taking a cool weather vacay in just 11 days!  I can hardly wait!  Until then though, you know I'm going to be planning the best fall outfits I can so I can at least wear fall-ish clothes for a few days before spring. :-)  I hope it's cool where you are!  Do you have any great fall fashions you're just waiting for it to get cool to wear?

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