October 31, 2012

A Winter's Light Table

Things have been a bit crazy around here with interviewing for medical school, and I've finally come to a bit of time where I can take a breather. My brother-in-law got engaged a while back, and my MIL has enlisted my help with the rehearsal dinner. Little does she know that I would love to take it completely over and go a bit crazy with it - I'm having to refrain from going into full on boss-mode. I claim that I was born bossy, so it's really not my fault. : )  We're getting together this weekend to talk about ideas and such, and since they're getting married in January I'm loving (what I call) a winter's light theme. Basically, I'm thinking white and silver and sparkle.

The last picture is more wedding reception than rehearsal dinner, but isn't it breathtaking? Armed with inspiration, we'll see what we come up with this weekend, and I'll do my best not to take over.  : )

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