October 20, 2012

Halloween Cake Pops

I was in charge of bringing a dessert to a party tonight, and since it's almost halloween I had the idea of making eyeball cake pops. I used a Pioneer Women recipe found here as my original inspiration, and when I told Lars about it he found this blog with other really cute halloween inspired ideas. I'm not sure about you, but I have this problem that I have super cute ideas in my head and my hands never get the memo - most of my creations don't turn out quite as I had hoped. My cake pops definitely aren't as professional looking as those that served as my inspiration, but I think it was a valiant first cake pop effort. No matter how they looked they were delicious and got rave reviews!
The Frankensteins were my favorite design. Oddly enough, the eyeballs were the ones eaten first at the party.

This was the best Dracula I made. I had trouble getting the "fangs" to actually look like fangs and not blood drool.

I used the cake pop stick to make deep indentions in the cold cake ball before dipping into the candy coating so it looked more like a pumpkin. The stem is one fourth of a tootsie roll, and I drew on a vine with colored royal icing. The cake pops look slightly condensation-y because they are just a touch. I had to keep the pops in the fridge because I chose to use buttercream icing rather than plain vanilla that doesn't need refrigeration. To me, the buttercream is totally worth it. These took forever to make and decorate, but I had so much fun! I definitely think I will be making these for other shindigs in the future. Who knows, maybe with more practice they'll actually start looking more like the pictures in my head.  : )

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