December 19, 2012

Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

It was a tradition in my family growing up that each year the four of us would get a coordinating (or sometimes matching) set of ornaments to add to our tree. It's still fun to look at what we have and reminisce about where we got them, or in the case of childhood ornaments, when we made them. When Lars and I got married I wanted to start the same tradition in our family of two. We even have ornaments for the Christmases when we were dating, except for that one year in college where I didn't have room for a tree so I just drew one on a whiteboard...  :)

This year though, I couldn't find any ornaments that I really loved, plus we had forgotten to pick some up on our San Francisco trip this summer. (Trips are great places to pick up ornaments.) I couldn't stand the thought of having a year without its own ornaments so I decided to make some. My first attempt flopped, or maybe I should just say that it needs a bit of practice. Instead, I went by JoAnn today where they had all Christmas stuff 70% off and bought clear ornaments. I had purchased a tub of sequins there last week so I decided just to stuff sequins in the clear ornaments and hope for the best. What do you think?

They look quite good in the tree with the lights bouncing off of the sequins, and surprisingly enough, Lars likes them too! After writing "2012" on the bottoms of each I hung them in the tree (with paperclips - we're all out of typical ornament hangers). I love that for years to come I'll be able to look at my sequined ornaments and remember our 2012 Christmas together.

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