April 1, 2013

A Month of Meals - March Overview

So after planning out meals for the entire month of March here, I figured I should do a follow up and show y'all how it went. This is the before meal calendar:

And here's the after:

As you can see I made a number of substitutions, especially as the month went on. I tried to stick to using the ingredients that I had purchased each week, simply swapping one recipe for another that used the same. There were also a few times in there that I wasn't feeling like cooking so we grabbed a pizza one night and Lars made me his famous Kraft mac and cheese another night.

All in all I really enjoyed the experiment. It was nice knowing that not only already had dinner planned each night, but I also had the proper ingredients for said dinner. I didn't end up saving any money as I had hoped. We don't spend a whole lot on groceries though, so I can't really say that I was surprised. I've already made my April meal plan, and I tried to plan this month with what I have on hand in mind. We'll see if I can manage to save a little money in April and if I stick to the plan any better than I did in March.

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