April 11, 2013

Orange Chicken with Asian Slaw

Our first year of marriage I decided to try my hand at replicating the orange chicken from Panda Express. It was a total disaster, and I still consider it one of my top five kitchen failures. It may have held the top slot for a few years, but my zucchini lasagna of January now takes the cake in terms of my kitchen flops. Needless to say, I've been reluctant to attempt to make orange chicken again. Today changed all that, and I think I've found my new favorite recipe.

I found this Asian slaw recipe on Pinterest, and I thought orange chicken would be a great pairing for it. I bought a package of Asian slaw/salad at HEB, and when I pulled it out again tonight I realized that it had everything included that the recipe above calls for and even came with its own dressing. So I didn't make the slaw recipe I found, but it's still in my repertoire to try. 

I knew I had to try this orange chicken recipe I found today, and she really nailed the Panda taste. In fact, I think it might even be better than Panda's high sodium, high sugar version. I'll definitely be making the chicken again, and I think I'll sub in some Splenda to cut the sugar calories and try to sneak in some low sodium soy sauce while Lars isn't looking. (That man sure does love his salt.) We decided to eat the chicken over the slaw, and it was delicious all mixed together. It made more than enough for us to have dinner and for me to have lunch for tomorrow. I used two chicken breasts rather than a whole pound of chicken, but I didn't change the sauce proportions of the recipe. It was a fabulous 500 calorie dinner. Fear of making orange chicken = conquered. 

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