February 1, 2012

The Magic Jacket

I love cardigans.  I'm not sure why, but I always have, and I feel a strange connection to Mr. Rogers because of it.  Cardigans can easily change the look of a simple shell, plus they're really easy to throw on over almost anything.  Not too long ago though, I managed to find a blazer that fit me perfectly, and my world has been turned upside down.  This simple blazer is lightweight, grey, and was on super sale from Gap, and I quickly came to realize that it's magic.  I can wear my comfy Saturday clothes (read: skinny jeans and a casual shirt) to work, and with the blazer on I always have at least one person tell me how nice I look.  It's seriously like the blazer puts some spell on everyone else, and they only see the nice looking tailored jacket... like I'm the only one who knows that I'm wearing jeans and a slouch shirt.

I feel like I've figured out this secret that I'm not supposed to know.  How is it that I've gone years ironing dress pants every night before work when I could have just thrown on jeans and a blazer this whole time?! Clearly I don't work for a high powered firm where suits are required, but I certainly can't go into the office or meet clients looking like schlub either.  It's like I've figured out the secret to being continually comfortable at work, and I am all about being comfortable.  There is nothing that kills your confidence more that being uncomfortable in your clothes - at least for me there isn't. A (now) normal day at the office:

Work Wear

Work Wear by awmc56 featuring a pinstripe jacket

I'm beginning to build up my blazer collection slowly but surely, and I can't wait until I run across a perfectly fitting blazer in a beautiful jewel tone like this:

Red Blazer Work Wear

Red Blazer Work Wear by awmc56 featuring embroidery jeans

Isn't it fabulous?!  If you don't own a blazer, or if you swear by cardigans like me, I highly recommend finding a blazer that you love that fits your personality - it might just change your life.

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