February 7, 2012

Tuesday Travels

I grew up traveling with my family all around North and South America.  I still haven't made it overseas with my family, but I was able to spend a few weeks in Switzerland a while back on a study/teach abroad trip.  I've come to realize that I am someone who simply has the travel bug - I would gladly go someplace new every few weeks.  I didn't really know that people didn't share my intense love of travel until I married Lars.  He likes to go new places, but it stresses him out and he'd just as well spend his time at home.  I thought I was a semi-homebody until I married him... just like he thought he liked avocados until he married me. :)

A meadow outside of Lucerne, Switzerland

Just like I start planing my dinner right after I've eaten breakfast, I start planning our next adventure typically as soon as one ends - sooner than that sometimes.  My travel bug is currently gnawing away inside me, and I find myself planning a new vacation at least once a day - comparing costs and trying to decide where we should spend our precious vacation time next.  I've decided that Tuesdays on here are going to be dedicated to traveling, both domestically and internationally.  This way, maybe you can dream about your next getaway along with me.  Stay tuned, and sweet (travel) dreams everyone.

Parliament building, Victoria, B.C.

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