February 2, 2012

My Love of Paper

In this digital, paperless age I have a confession... I love paper.  I would rather print things out than view them on a screen, I love to write little notes on cards and stationary, and I can't bring myself to buy a Kindle because I love the way books feel in my hands.  Sometimes I think I was meant for a simpler time in history... Lars hit a home run this Christmas and bought me thank you cards and monogrammed cards from Crane (in addition to the multiple books he bought me).  I'm telling you, it will be an extremely sad day if our world ever truly goes paperless.

I recently came across sparrownestscript, a company that specializes in calligraphy and eco-friendly paper goods such as cards and other stationary.  I'm all about paper, but I'm never about waste so I was ecstatic to find Emily and her lovely designs.

I ordered a card just the other day and received it yesterday in the mail.  I could not be happier with the quality of not only her calligraphy, but also of the card itself.  You can even order custom designs or sayings, and such a beautiful card would be a wonderful thing to give with Valentine's day coming up.  Whether you're sending a "Hello Love" card or a "Hello Friend" card, I know your loved ones would be delighted to receive a card via "snail mail".  Sometimes when we take the time to slow down and do or send something "old-fashioned" we just might make someone's day.

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