January 17, 2013

Get It Done Today - A Five Minute Organizing Tip

I have a new top resolution for 2013:
Don't put off a task that will take less than 5 minutes to complete.
I followed a link on Pinterest and read this article, and tip #5 really hit a chord with me. Basically, the tip is to not put off doing a task that will take you only one minute to complete. Tasks like filing that important paper away and actually shredding the junk mail the day you receive it. Tasks rarely take less than a minute to complete, but the idea is not to put off until tomorrow what can easily get done today. I am the queen of putting tasks off until tomorrow (or the day after that). It will take me a week to unpack my suitcase. I will move a piece of paper from my desk to the top of my filing cabinet and feel like I've done something. I will walk past dried dishes like this all day long.
It only took me 3 minutes (I timed myself) to put the dishes away and get the countertop back to normal. (Yes, we're quite fancy and leave the blue plant water pitcher, the bottle cleaning brush, and the drying rack on the counter at all times.)

Simple tasks like putting away the dishes or folding the throws on the couch make a home feel so much less cluttered and more peaceful. So here's to working on improving ourselves and unpacking the day we get home.  :)

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