January 21, 2013

Secret Passageways

One of the design features I have always wanted in a house is some sort of secret passageway. I want it to be super secret as in people-who-come-over-have-no-idea-it's-there secret. It's not a secret passageway if it has a door handle on it. Maybe it goes to an extra room, but a door handle = a non-secret room. Here are some great ideas of how to build a secret passageway into a home.

                                            Traditional Staircase design by Chicago Design-build A. Perry Homes

                                          Traditional Closet design by Austin Architect Nick Mehl Architecture
                                                Traditional Closet design by Austin Architect Nick Mehl Architecture

                                              Eclectic Kids design by Minneapolis Architect Kuhl Design Build LLC

Clearly bookshelves are an easy way to hide an entrance to a hallway or room. I like to think that you could add a button or handle behind a painting to open up the wall and reveal a secret passageway.

Maybe I've read too much Nancy Drew in my lifetime, but there is just something mysterious and wonderful about a secret passageway, don't you think?

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